Putting a Water-Affected Device in Rice is the Worst Repair Advice Ever

Putting a Water-Affected Device in Rice is the Worst Repair Advice Ever

We all must have come across the ‘rice bag’ advice for a gadget that encountered liquid damage in some way or the other. While the explanations surrounding the advice often seemed valid and plausible, we should finally establish the fact that putting a water or rather liquid affected device in rice is something that should definitely be avoided. Instead, the user should opt for a reliable mobile repair service that takes each and every consideration into account before starting off with the repair process. In this discussion, we will understand why the rice bad approach needs to be avoided and which strategies must be followed instead. We will also understand how the online mobile repair services and the concept of doorstep repairing initiatives work.

Why Should a Water Damaged Device Must not be Dried Instantly?

The commonest practice of putting a water drenched electronic gadget in rice is literally useless as it is incapable of stopping the process of internal corrosion that starts almost immediately. Therefore, an act of drying the device is expected to be harmful for the internal components. During any form of liquid contact, the internal solder joints get oxidized, which eventually renders them weak and extremely brittle. Even when the smartphone is inside rice, the corrosion might spread throughout the internal landscape. However, if the user is lucky enough, the rice bag approach might just work provided the liquid hasn’t seeped through to the internal components.

By putting aside speculations, it can be established that drying the device or an effort to do that is probably the worst way of getting it back to working condition. Instead, water displacement is a good way to start the job, which might come in handy in separating the liquid from the conductive elements. Rubbing the device with isopropyl alcohol and even a toothbrush is probably the best head start. If the device can be opened, a good way forward would be to scrub the affected battery, motherboard, and accessible components. Displacing the water, as much as possible, should be the first consideration when it comes to getting the smartphone back to normal.

Can Online Repair Startups Help?

While we did mention a contingency plan for someone who is looking to get the gadget fixed almost instantly, the case of water damage must immediately be referred to an experienced technician. Although, one can easily opt for offline repair centers, the aspect of duplicate parts and sub-standard repair techniques are frequently encountered. This is where online repair startups come in handy as they often provided doorstep repair services to the users, depending on the extent of damage. A majority of these online repair startups including the likes of Togofogo Repairs come with dedicated service sets which are compatible with most electronic gadgets. In case the user looks to get a smartphone fixed, he or she can just feed in the details and quotations are released almost instantly. Once accepted, the technician pays a visit and reconfirms the acceptability of services before starting the process.

There are times when the issues aren’t alarming and the gadget gets repaired at the very instant. However, there are certain websites where technicians take the gadget along and send it back once the repairs and changes are made. In that case, the procedure becomes highly detailed and the user is in a condition to track the device whereabouts. Moreover, there are certain startups which also offer a spare phone for the person to use while the original device is getting fixed. Not just that, almost every mobile repair startup offers warranties on the repaired devices.

Offline vs. Online Repair Centers

While there are different school of thoughts regarding device repair initiatives, there has always been difference of opinions regarding offline and online service centers. It might seem that the offline centers are more accessible and services are remitted almost instantly, a major issue would be the usage of faulty components and duplicate parts. Moreover, unless the offline mobile repair service center is under the supervision of the OEM or manufacturer, even warranties aren’t provided.

In case of online repair centers, every important aspect i.e. ranging from warranties to ease of repair is taken care of.

Therefore, the next time a water-related issue comes up, refrain from putting the mobile phone in rice and instead get it checked from a reputed online repair center.

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